Lakes Reservation

The Lakes Reservation is the most emblematic area of Selwo Aventura and will take you to the legendary Africa to discover the large herbivores that populate the savannah! In an extensive habitat with the typical vegetation of this ecosystem crossed by a long river, you will find large herds of beautiful species such as antelopes, impalas or wildebeests that come to drink in the ponds that give their name to this territory. As in their areas of origin, African fauna share space without having to compete for the abundant vegetation that grows in areas where water is abundant, a source of life on which the migratory cycle of many species depends.

In addition to the large waterfall, near which oryx, dromedaries, impalas and waterbuck graze, this area is home to a large rhinoceros meadow where three rhinoceroses live. These specimens are very valuable for the conservation of this endangered species. Akono, Tayo, Sethemba are three young white rhino males that, within the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums (EAZA) endangered species conservation program, represent the hope for the survival of this animal. By participating in the Safari Serengeti tour, besides being closer to them, you will be able to learn from our experts about the threats they face and how we work for their conservation.

On your expedition through the Lakes Reservation you will also meet the most dangerous of African herbivores, the hippopotamus! You'll see them swim in their large lake or even be lucky enough to be amazed by their giant teeth as you watch them open their mouths to be fed by their keepers in the Serengeti Safari. And just on the other side, throwing off mosquitoes and predators with their spotted patterns, you will see the herd of zebras or our group of Angolan giraffes. They are among Africa’s most iconic species!

Live an authentic safari!
Live an authentic safari!

Live an authentic safari!

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