Portico de la Naturaleza

The Portico de la Naturaleza, meaning “nature’s gateway”, is the first of Selwo Aventura's areas, with lush tropical and subtropical vegetation surrounding the great lake. This territory is home to a variety of species such as the cheetahs, the red pandas, various primates such as the white-handed gibbons and marmosets, the flamingos, the always curious meerkats and the hyenas, one of the emblematic species of the African fauna of vital importance for their ecosystems.


The Portico de la Naturaleza has two facilities especially aimed at children: the goat enclosure, which allows visitors to access the inside and be very close to them, and the mini-farm, which houses different domestic species related to the use by humans, such as sheep, pigs and donkeys.

At the Portico de la Naturaleza you can enjoy exciting adventure activities, such as the large Ziwa zip line, which, like a large vine, allows you to glide over the lake; the Kuruka trampolines, four platforms that allow jumps of up to 8 meters performing pirouettes in the air while contemplating an unparalleled view of the great lake; or the Mshale Archery facility, in which test the skill and aim of the participants. In addition, the great suspension bridge that crosses the lake, a spectacular footbridge 65 meters long and 15 meters high, will make you feel as if you’re in the heart of Africa.

Continuing with the tour and bordering the great lake you reach Territory Madagascar, home of the lemurs that allows the visitor to discover the habitat of the ring-tailed lemurs, of Mayotte and black-and-white lemurs. Crossing this unique habitat we leave behind the Portico de la Naturaleza and enter the Cañón de las Aves (Bird Canyon), inhabited by species that surprise us with their majestic flights over the treetops where they nest and mammal species such as the short-nailed otter or the Iberian lynx.

The Portico de la Naturaleza has other services to make a stop on the tour: the Barbecue Restaurant, the Natura Bazaar and the Photo Shop.

Live an authentic safari!
Live an authentic safari!

Live an authentic safari!

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