Poblado Central (Central Village)

In Poblado Central (Central Village) lives one of the world’s greatest predators: the lion; which inhabits an exclusive territory with viewpoints that allow you to observe how the king of the African savannah lives.

The great Bridge of Africa, a great footbridge that evokes the great bridges that cross the legendary African rivers, takes you to the Central Village, as well as being an exceptional viewpoint to contemplate the Elephant Territory and the different species that inhabit the Lakes Reserve.

The large territory of the Lake Reserve is home to large African mammals such as giraffes, hippopotamuses, rhinoceroses and other smaller but no less iconic animals of the African fauna such as zebras, white-tailed wildebeests and various antelopes such as impala.

Near the Lakes Reserve is the Elephant Territory, home to the largest land mammal. Selwo Aventura's Asian elephant family is part of the European Endangered Species Breeding and Conservation Program (EEP) of the EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquaria).

The Poblado Central (Central Village) is the geographic center of Selwo Aventura. Here you’ll find one of the great predators of the world's fauna, the lion, which lives in an exclusive territory with different viewpoints that allow a close look at the king of the African savannah. Nearby is the Grotto of the Night, a faithful reproduction of a cave inhabited by fruit bats.

Located in the Central Village, the strategic and geographical center of Selwo Aventura, Korongo has a fast food area with pizzas, hamburgers, different varieties of sandwiches and a wide range of ice creams, as well as refreshing drinks.

For operational reasons, the Central Village closes one hour earlier than the rest of Selwo Aventura.

Live an authentic safari!
Live an authentic safari!

Live an authentic safari!

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