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In Selwo's Central Village, Korongo has two different areas.

The self-service centre where you can enjoy a variety of dishes from refreshing salads, through to pasta, tasty paella, fish in sauce, entrecotes, and desserts to suit every taste. The Fast Food area offers pizzas, hamburgers, filled rolls, a large selection of ice-creams, and drinks.

Korongo is surrounded by lush, tropical vegetation.  


The Barbecue is right next to the Great Lake of Africa and offers two different eating options.

The restaurant offers main meals from the barbeque; try ribs or entrecote, or enjoy salads, pizzas and other dishes. The Cafeteria, offers breakfast, a large variety of sweet and savoury dishes and drinks.

All this in a unique environment next to the Great Lake of Africa so you can enjoy spectacular views with your meal. 

Soko Ice Cream Shop

Situated in the Central Village, the Soko Ice Cream Shop offers the visitor different sweet and savoury options, such as a wide range of ice creams in different tastes and formats, hot and cold drinks, and snacks.

The Soko Ice Cream Shop lets the visitor make a stop on the way and taste some of what it has to offer in comfort, while enjoying the exclusive views of the Territory of the Lions and its fierce inhabitants.




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