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From 19-02-2022 to 08-01-2023
Discounts for children, seniors, large families and people with disabilities.

Selwo Aventura has a range of permanently reduced rates that can be applied if certain conditions are met.

Reduced tickets are available for children from 3 to 10 years old, for seniors over 65 years old, and for large families. You must present your ID card or family book when accessing the park, and large families must present a valid card to the park access personnel.

Persons with a disability of 33% or more are also eligible for reduced admission. This ticket, in addition, includes free access for a companion who must accompany the disabled person (no ticket required) and must enter the park at the same time. It will be necessary to present a disability card or any other official document indicating such disability to the park access personnel.

Remember that these tickets cannot be combined with other discounts, offers or promotions. In order to benefit from any discounts you must purchase the general admission rate.

The park in your hands with our app
The park in your hands with our app

The park in your hands with our app

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