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The range of adventure activities at Selwo Aventura have three exclusive hanging bridges, which give visitors a bird’s eye view of the diverse territories and the animals that inhabit them.  

The first hanging bridge and the last to be inaugurated, located in Nature’s Portico, is a great walkway of 65 metres length which crosses the Great Lake of Africa, similar to the hanging bridges that span the rivers and lakes in the wild lands of Africa.

The Grand Canyon has two exclusive hanging bridges that combine adventure and allow you to enjoy unique panoramic views of this environment. The hanging bridge christened with the name of Lynxes, as it runs parallel to the habitat of this emblematic feline. This walkway crosses a territory populated with lush and disparate vegetation, whilst also being an observatory from which to view the habitat of the Iberian Lynx

The route leads to the third suspension bridge that offers a sky full of life with exclusive views of the Bird Canyon.