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Selwo Aventura has spectacular hanging bridges that combine adventure and unique panoramic views of the park, similar to those that span the rivers and lakes of the legendary African territories: the Africa bridge over the great lake, 65 metres long, and two more in the Bird Canyon, with incredible views of the territory of the Iberian lynx and the treetops where different species nest.

Discover the three hanging bridges that you can cross during your visit:

  • Great Lake of Africa: cross this hanging bridge of more than 65 metres over the great lake and enjoy an incredible panoramic view of the Portico of Nature, inhabited by species from all over the world.
  • Lynx territory: enjoy an unusual perspective of the territory of the Iberian lynx, a habitat that is home to a specimen from the conservation programme for this endangered species.
  • Bird Canyon: climb to the top and enjoy a unique view of the species that inhabit the Bird Canyon, surprising you with their flight over the treetops and discovering their nests.

In addition, once you reach the Central Village you will cross a wooden bridge with a unique view over the habitat of the endangered Asian elephant and the Lake Reserve, inhabited by the most emblematic herbivore species of the African continent: rhinoceros, hippos, zebras, giraffes, wildebeest and antelopes.