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Honey Locust tree

Scientific name:  Gleditsia triacanthos
Continent: North America
Fruit:  Yes
Fallen Leaf:  Yes
Toxic:  No
Size:  9-12 m

A wood used in carpentry and a seed used in creams and ice creams

The three-thorned acacia is a deciduous tree between 9 and 12 m high, whose trunk and branches are covered with branched thorns. Its flowers are greenish in color, arranged in clusters and are much visited by bees. It usually bears abundant fruit every 3-5 years. Its fruits are legumes that twist in a spiral shape.

The wood of the three-spined acacia is used in carpentry and the seed can be used for creams and ice creams. The fruits are sweet and have been used as cattle feed.

Live an authentic safari!
Live an authentic safari!

Live an authentic safari!

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