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Central Village

The great Bridge of Africa, a great footbridge that evokes the great bridges that cross the legendary African rivers, moves to the Central Village, besides being an exceptional viewpoint to contemplate the Territory of the Elephants and the different species that inhabit the Reserve of the Lakes.

In the great territory of the Reserve of the Lakes live the great African mammals like the stylized giraffes, the horned hippos in their home of the Masai Mara Riviera, a habitat specially designed to welcome this species who can exceed four thousand kilos of weight. This fifty thousand square metre Reserve also accommodates other animals of smaller dimensions, no less representative of African fauna such as zebras, white-tailed gnus, ostriches or diverse antelopes such as the impala.

Very close to the Reserve of the Lakes is the Elephant Territory. The Selwo Aventura family of elephants form part of the EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquaria) European Endangered Species Conservation and Breeding Programme (EEP). The programme has two key objectives, to breed and study the largest terrestrial mammal, classified in Appendix I of CITES as having a population in serious danger of extinction that does not exceed 50,000 copies, figures that decrease rapidly and places the Asian elephant much more threatened than its African relative.

Central Village, the geographical centre of Selwo Aventura. Here lives one of the great predators of worldwide fauna, the lion, inhabiting an exclusive territory with diverse viewing points which enable visitors to observe very close the behaviour of this king of the African savannah.

The central Village offers more areas to explore, such as the Night Grotto, faithful reproduction of the inside of a cave, inhabited by species of nocturnal habits such as fruit bats, eurasian eagle, real owl, african porcupine and snakes. 

Due to operational reasons the Central Village closes one hoyur before the rest of Selwo Aventura.