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Activities and presentations

Birds presentation

In a natural setting of exceptional beauty, with a unique panoramic view of the Lakes Reserve and the Malaga coastline, the bird flight demonstration includes species such as the American eagle, the caracara falcon or the blue and yellow macaw. Don't miss it! After the presentation, you can take a photo with one of the incredible birds that are part of this flight exhibition.

Photo with birds

Take home a unique souvenir!

On your visit to Selwo Aventura you have the opportunity to get up close to some of the birds participating in the flight exhibition and take a photo with them. A unique souvenir for an unforgettable experience!

Photo with snakes

Get up close and personal with snakes from around the world

Did you know that, despite their bad reputation, snakes play an important role in the balance of ecosystems? Get closer than ever to these reptiles that have inhabited the earth for 140 million years and take home a souvenir of your visit to Selwo Aventura.

Cross three large suspension bridges similar to those that span rivers and lakes in the legendary African territories: the Africa bridge over the great lake, 65 metres long, and two more in the Bird Canyon, with incredible panoramic views of the territories of the Iberian lynx territory and the nests in the treetops.

Plan your visit!

Check all the timetables for the day of your visit, always have your tickets to hand, set up alerts for the activities you don't want to miss, get your bearings with the interactive map and learn about our species.

All of Selwo Aventura on your mobile!

Fly over the great lake!

Ziwa, "flying over the lake" in Swahilli, is a 116-meter zip line suitable only for the intrepid adventurers who dare to slide down to get a bird's eye view of the great lake, the great suspension bridge that crosses it and the lush vegetation.

An authentic African safari

An exclusive tour of the Lakes Reserve in a specially adapted off-road vehicle to discover the most representative species of Africa: feel closer than ever to the big-eyed hippopotamus, the towering giraffes, the striking zebras or various species of antelope!

An exclusive guided tour

Take a VIP tour with access to restricted areas to discover Selwo hand in hand with our keepers and biologists. Travel inside the Lakes Reserve accompanied by an expert guide and get closer than ever to our animals!

Alimentacion de Guepardos en Selwo Aventura

Learn with Selwo

Discover the curiosities about the park's species in the educational talks "Meet the..." specially prepared to surprise you with the wonders of the animal world. In addition, during your visit you will learn about the importance of the conservation of species and habitats through the posters and all the information available on our APP!

Do you want to know the activity schedules for the day of your visit? Download our new APP to get the most out of your visit: you can activate alerts for the activities you don't want to miss, find your way around with the interactive map or learn about our species. You can also synchronise your tickets so you always have them at hand.