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Selwo Costa del Sol's Education Department offers a complete educational programme at Selwo Aventura for the school year that conveys to schoolchildren the main objective of a modern zoo: to bring visitors closer to the different species they are home to, the threats they face and the importance of preserving natural habitats.

Through the school visits, a unique class is offered in an inspiring environment for the pupil, with a proposal focused on discovering new animal species, learning the importance of conservation and respecting the environment. Accompanied by an expert guide, the schoolchildren will visit the Portico de la Naturaleza and the Cañón de las aves, raising awareness of different species and being able to feed the animals on the Mini Farm. In addition, the visit can be completed with a visit to the Central Village, where they will be surprised by emblematic species of Selwo Aventura, such as the white rhinoceros, the hippopotamus, the elephant or the lion, or even with the possibility of experiencing a real safari.

Check out all the information by downloading the school offer for this year (in Spanish)!