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Nature Gateway

 Important advice: due to safety measures against Covid-19, access to Little Farm and pigmy goats enclosure is temporarily suspended.  Health and safety of our guests and workers have always been our highest priority. It is our goal that you continue to feel safe and comfortable when visiting us. Please check the closed areas and your obligations as a visitor on this page before coming to the park.

Nature’s Gateway, the first of the different zones at Selwo Adventure, has lush tropical and sub-tropical vegetation surrounding the Great Lake of Africa. Diverse species live in this territory, such as the speedy cheetahs, cuvier’s gazelles, the red pandas, diverse primates such as the lar gibbon or the titis, flamingos, the always fascinating meerkats or the spotted hyenas, one of the most emblematic species from African fauna, of vital importance to its ecosystems.    

Also in the Gateway is The Antipodes, the territory belonging to Bennett’s wallabies, the famous marsupial originating from Australia, and located very close to the Habitat of Macaco de Gibraltar, territory inaugurated in 2017. Nature Gateway also has the pigmy goats territory, enclosure which enables children to enter and get to know this species up close. Nearby is the Mini-Farm, with native species such as the merino sheep of Grazalema, the Iberian pig or the Payoya goat. 

In Nature Gateway, visitors can enjoy exciting adventure activities such as the great Ziwa zipline which, like a huge liana, enables you to slide down over the Great Lake of Africa. Close to here is Kuruka, four trampolines that enable visitors to jump up to 8 metres high, performing summersaults in the air while enjoying unparalleled views of the lake.    

Bordering the lake we reach Territory Madagascar, the home of lemurs, a new habitat with ring-tailed lemurs, Mayotte lemurs and Black-and-white Ruffed Lemurs. This unique habitat is the link between the Nature Gateway that we are leaving and the new proposals that await us in the Bird Canyon.

Nature Gateway has diverse facilities such as the Lake Kiosk, Nature’s Bazaar and the photo shop.