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Selwo Aventura's 116 metre zip-line, the Ziwa, allows you to zip above the park and enjoy a bird’s eye view of the Great Lake of Africa, in Nature’s Portico, the first of the Selwo Aventura routes.

Ziwa, which means  “flying over the lake” in Swahili, starts at the north side of the Great Lake of Africa, next to the entrance to Birds' Canyon, and swoops from a turret specially designed for intrepid adventurers, giving a bird’s eye view of the Great Lake of Africa, the hanging bridge and the lush, green surrounding landscape. The zipwire journey ends at the entrance platform on the south side of the lake, next to Primates Park and the Flamingo area. 

Ziwa is designed for all members of the public to enjoy as there are no special physical conditions required.

The weight required for this activity must range between 40 kg and 90 kg.


Dear visitor:

Following the indication of the competent authorities, Selwo Aventura has decided to take extreme care of its visitors and employees by suspending its opening calendar and we will inform through our website and social networks of the park´s reopening.

As our priority is to ensure that our visitors can enjoy the unique experiences of our park, for customers with tickets on dates with the park closed, changes will be allowed for dates on any other day in the year 2020. If you made your purchase at the box office or on the park's website, please write an email to selwo@selwo.es with your ticket information for a personalized management of your case. For other sales channels, please contact your distribution point directly.

In the meantime, and looking after the welfare of our animals, our teams of carers and veterinarians will continue to maintain their normal activity.

We thank you very much for your understanding and will continue to keep you informed through our website and social networks.