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VIP visit

The Obama VIP Visit is the proposition prepared by Selwo Aventura for those visitors who want to experience an exclusive tour and enjoy a unique day. Designed for small groups, it is a VIP tour accompanied at all times by expert monitors.

The Obama VIP Visit provides a tour with all manner of luxurious details along the different routes of Selwo Aventura. During the tour, interactions are held with species such as ring-tailed lemurs or guests can personally feed some animals.

The VIP visitor enters areas of the Park which are inaccessible to other visitors. A vehicle exclusively for this tour will take you to different territories of the park, such as the Reserve of the Lakes. And always with an expert monitor to provide you with detailed explanations of everything you are seeing along the way.

This is a proposition which combines a tour on both foot and by car, exclusive to participants of the Obama VIP Visit. It owes its name to the tour of similar characteristics undertaken by the Obama family at Selwo Aventura in August of 2010, during their stay on the Costa del Sol.

The tickets for the VIP Visit can be bought in our website, but before acquiring the activity it is ESSENTIAL to book in advance on 952 577 773 to ensure the place. Buying the VIP Visit does not include tickets to the park.

Dear visitor:

Following the indication of the competent authorities, Selwo Aventura has decided to take extreme care of its visitors and employees by suspending its opening calendar and we will inform through our website and social networks of the park´s reopening.

As our priority is to ensure that our visitors can enjoy the unique experiences of our park, for customers with tickets on dates with the park closed, changes will be allowed for dates on any other day in the year 2020. If you made your purchase at the box office or on the park's website, please write an email to selwo@selwo.es with your ticket information for a personalized management of your case. For other sales channels, please contact your distribution point directly.

In the meantime, and looking after the welfare of our animals, our teams of carers and veterinarians will continue to maintain their normal activity.

We thank you very much for your understanding and will continue to keep you informed through our website and social networks.