Selwo Goes to School

From this season on, Selwo has a new addition to the Department of Education. A team from Selwo Aventura will visit different schools to provide a fun class to the youngsters.

Selwo Costa del Sol has a new addition to its Education Department, Selwo goes to School.  A team from Selwo Aventura and Selwo Marina will visit different schools during the 2017/2018 school year to provide a fun class, aimed at students of all ages.

Selwo goes to School is a proposition designed by the Education Departments at Selwo Aventura and Selwo Marina Delphinarium, and provides a very special class about the role played by the two zoological parks in the conservation of biodiversity and the importance of education for the conservation of our environment. And always using simple and direct language, adapted to suit the school children being addressed.

Vets, biologists or monitors from Selwo Aventura and Selwo Marina Delphinarium head off to the schools of Málaga and its province to provide an educational yet fun lesson. An educational, entertaining and interactive presentation for students; they will have the opportunity to touch the enormous tooth of an elephant, the sharp fangs of a lion, amongst other things. All this makes for a class full of surprising contents to help students find out about what makes a zoo and learn about conservation of the Environment and living beings. Book your day now!

If you want to find out more about Selwo Goes to School, contact the Selwo Dept of Education on 951 560 324.