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Discover the incredible intelligence of this animal

Although their most characteristic sound is a kind of bark reminiscent of human laughter, hyenas emit a wide range of diverse cries to communicate. Despite their bad reputation, their scavenging diet is of vital importance to the balance of ecosystems.


Discover three endemic species of Madagascar

The lemurs, who spend much of the day warming up in the sun, use their long tails to easily find their way around the forest floor and to balance their jumps, but never to hold on to the trees! Get to know them in depth in this educational talk.


The real king of the African savannah

Discover one of the most emblematic animals of the African fauna: did you know that lions spend up to 20 hours a day resting or that lionesses prefer to mate with males with thick, dark manes?


A unique spot pattern for each species

Did you know that each species of giraffe has a different pattern of spots? Did you imagine that its long neck is held up by only seven vertebrae? Be surprised to discover that the Angola giraffe is actually the smallest of all and many more curious.


Do you differentiate the African elephant from the Asian one?

With ears smaller than the African one, the tip of the trunk with a single extension, small tusks and molars similar to those of the extinct mammoth, the Asian elephant is in danger of extinction due to a 50% reduction in the last three generations.

Iberian lynx

Meet the most endangered cat on the planet!

Javo and Judía are a pair of lynxes from the conservation program that has managed to reduce their danger of extinction through reproduction in captivity. Learn about the threats that this endemic species of the Iberian Peninsula still faces.

Red pandas

Did you know it was the first panda to be discovered?

Much closer to the raccoon than to the giant panda, discovered 50 years later, it has very different habits from other carnivores: because it cannot digest cellulose, it needs to consume large amounts of bamboo from the forests of Asia from which it originates.

0 to 100 in just 5 seconds!

Although the cheetah can reach its maximum speed of up to 115 km/h in just 5 seconds, it can only keep up this pace for a few hundred metres. If its prey manages to stay ahead of it for more than half a minute, it will probably manage to escape!

Discover these and many more curiosities about the species of the park in the educational talks "Meet..." specially prepared to surprise you with the wonders of the animal world. Didactic and fun at the same time, Selwo Aventura's expert monitors in the fauna are in charge of showing the most outstanding characteristics of each species or those that make them unique in the animal kingdom. Ask at the ticket office for the schedule of the activities programmed on the day of your visit!