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Meet the...

Meet the King of African fauna in persony and at the hands of an expert monitor.  Did you know that they can rest up to 20 hours a day or that lionesses appear to prefer mating with lions of dark manes? Don’t miss their Feeding!

Alimentacion de Guepardos en Selwo Aventura

The speediest of all terrestrial animals can reach 115km an hour in just 5 seconds! Although it can only maintain great speed for a few hundred metres.  If you want to know more, come and listen to the Feeding talk for this slender feline.

The Asian Elephant has smaller ears than the African species, and the tip of its trunk has one sole prolongation.

If you want to know more, come and listen to their Feeding talk.

Alimentacion de Lemures en Selwo Aventura

On the Madagascar Territory, visitors can personally greet the family of lemurs.  Don’t miss their Feeding! You will find out that their tail is the longest part of their bodies or that they sunbathe adopting the most peculiar postures as if practising yoga.

Meet the Selwo Aventura family of hyenas.  Did you know that the clans can include anything from 3 to 80 members and the alpha female is “in charge”.  The high level of testosterone explains the aggression of this carnivorous mammal.

You will learn this and many more interesting facts at Meet the... at Selwo Aventura, the new programme of talks we have prepared for you. Expert monitors are in charge of the daily talks, educational as well as fun, where we will find out about the most salient physical characteristics of the species, or those that make them unique.