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The wildest experience

Selwo Aventura, in Estepona, in the heart of the Costa del Sol, offers the wildest experience in a nature expedition through different territories that take you to Africa and the rest of the continents to discover emblematic species such as the lion, the white rhinoceros, the giraffe, the hippopotamus, the cheetah, the Iberian lynx, the Asian elephant or the red panda.

On its adventure activities route, the park offers three large suspension bridges similar to those that span rivers and lakes in the legendary African territories and the 116-metre Ziwa zip line, only suitable for intrepid adventurers who dare to slide down it to get a bird's eye view of the great lake, the suspension bridge that crosses it and the lush vegetation that surrounds it.

The Park has a wide programme of activities and presentations, one of the highlights being “Meet the…”, talks which are both educational and fun, on different species such as the lion, cheetah, giraffe, asian elephant and lemur.

The park has an extensive programme of activities and presentations, including "Meet...", educational and entertaining talks on various species such as the lion, cheetah, giraffe, Asian elephant or lemur, or the interaction programmes Unique Experiences with Safari Serengeti, which offers a tour of the Lakes Reserve in an off-road truck, and the VIP Experience, an exclusive tour for your family with access to restricted areas to discover Selwo hand in hand with our carers and biologists.

If you wish, you can stay for longer at Selwo Lodge, the exclusive hotel of Selwo Aventura made up of the Watu, Masai and the newly inaugurated Zulu Village. Hotel Selwo Lodge is a comfortable hotel with three villages differentiated both by design and location, wich take their guest to African territories to enjoy a unique stay at Selwo Aventura by day and night.