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Bird Canyon

Bordering the Great Lake of Africa is the entrance to Lynx Territory and the Canyon of the Birds, connecting the lower part of the park, Nature’s Portico, and the upper part of the park, Central Village and the Reserve of the Lakes.

The Lynx Territory is a meticulous enclosure, dedicated to the study and reproduction of these felines seriously in danger of extinction. Where species such as the Eurasian Lynx and the Bobcat help our technical team to find out more about their behaviour. In addition, photos can be viewed from the Iberian Lynx recovery programme that the CSIC and the Department of the Environment of the Junta de Andalucia (regional government) run in the Doñana National Park (Huelva-Sevilla), and from which we can learn about the work undertaken there and the resulting achievements, the only purpose of which is to prevent the disappearance of this species in danger.

In this area we also find the Otter’s Waterfall where the Small-clawed Otters live. This new enclosure concept enables us to look at the behaviour of this species both on land and underwater, thanks to the underwater viewing area it provides.

The Canyon of the Birds forms an ever-changing yet balanced ecosystem, therefore on both our way up and back down we can observe different behaviours of the species that inhabit it, birds from all corners of the Planet.

This enclosure includes a cooling and most pleasurable path from which visitors can observe at different vieiwing points and heights the many bird species, such as the trumpeter hornbill, sacred Ibis, Yellow-billed Stork, pheasants or storks. Species in danger of extinction according to the UICN red list such as the Grey Crowned Crane, a species endangered due to the loss and degradation of wetlands throughout the breeding zones, linked to drought from change of use of the land, drainage and excessive grazing.