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Selwo Aventura has spectacular hanging bridges, a great walkway of 65 metres in length and 10 metres height, which crosses the Great Lake of Africa in Nature’s Portico, and which joins the hanging bridge in the Grand Canyon.

Selwo Aventura has prepared an exclusive archery zone for all those who want to test their dexterity and aim. 

Kuruka, “to jump” in Swahili, is the trampoline area aimed at all those who don’t know the meaning of the word “vertigo”.  An exciting activity that enables us to jump incredibly high whilst enjoying stunning views of Nature’s Portico.

Selwo Aventura has  Ziwa, one of the longest fixed zipwires in Europe, with a length of 116 metres, enabling visitors to slide down and enjoy a “bird’s eye view” of the Great Lake of Africa, located in Nature’s Portico

The full range of open-air adventure activities at Selwo Aventura form part of the many attractions of this unique Park which combines Adventure, Fauna and Nature, where the visitor, far from being a mere spectator, becomes the protagonist of an unforgettable day.