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Selwo Aventura has spectacular hanging bridges that combine adventure and unique panoramic views of the park. Similar to those that save the rivers and lakes of the legendary African territories visitors can enjoy the African bridge over the great lake, 65 meters long, and two more in the Bird Canyon, with incredible views of the Iberian lynx territory and the treetops where different species nest.

Great Lake of Africa

Cross this 65-meter suspension bridge over the great lake and enjoy an incredible view of the Nature Gateway, inhabited by species from all over the world.

Lynx territory

Enjoy an unusual perspective on the territory of the Iberian lynx, a habitat that hosts two specimens from the conservation programme of this endangered species.

Bird Canyon

Climb to the top and enjoy a unique view of the species that inhabit the Bird Canyon, surprising you with their flight over the treetops and discovering their nests.


In addition, the most intrepid visitors will be able to practice the legendary African hunting techniques and test their vertigo by participating in the adventure activities. Find out more about each of them and don't miss the opportunity to enjoy them during your visit to Selwo Aventura:

The specialists in the handling of the rudimentary weapons of the African tribes will be able to demonstrate their skills and aim by nailing their arrows to the target at the first attempt, but those who need it will be able to shoot several times until they hit the target.

Show your aim with the arrows!

Ziwa: Zipline

Ziwa, "flying over the lake" in Swahili, is a 116-metre long zip line only suitable for intrepid adventurers who dare to slide down it to get a bird's eye view of the great lake of Africa, the suspension bridge that crosses it and the lush vegetation that surrounds it.

Fly over the great lake of Africa!

Kuruka trampolines, "jumping" in the Swahili language, allow you to overcome your vertigo and practice your skills by jumping up to eight metres high and doing pirouettes without putting your feet on the ground in the spectacular setting on the shores of the great lake of Africa.

Enjoy Selwo Aventura jumping to the top!