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Activities and presentations

We open Fridays to Sundays from 10:00 to 18:00

Enjoy an exciting adventure in the middle of nature, enjoying a great expedition through different territories that will take you to Africa and other continents to discover their fauna.


Do you want to know the activity schedules for the day of your visit? Download our new APP to get the most out of your visit: you can activate alerts for the activities you don't want to miss, find your way around with the interactive map or learn about our species. You can also synchronise your tickets so you always have them at hand.


During your visit to Selwo Aventura, with the help of their trainers, you can meet some of our birds in the Central Village, in a natural setting of exceptional beauty with a unique panoramic view of the Lakes Reserve and the coastline of Malaga, and you can also take a photo with some of them. You can also get to know some of the snakes that live in Selwo Aventura and take a souvenir with them - don't miss this opportunity!


Would you like to enjoy a guided tour in an off-road truck to get to know the most representative species of African fauna? Rhinos, hippos, zebras, giraffes, wildebeests and antelopes are waiting for you in the Serengeti Safari, and if you want to enjoy a unique and exclusive experience, the VIP Experience is the best proposal for your family!

Experience an exclusive tour of the Lakes Reserve in an off-road vehicle specially adapted to get to know the most representative species of African fauna and the wild land they inhabit.

A VIP tour with access to restricted areas to discover Selwo hand in hand with our keepers and biologists. Travel inside the Lakes Reserve accompanied by an expert guide and get closer than ever to our animals!


Selwo Aventura has spectacular suspension bridges that combine adventure and unique views of the park in the same way as those that save the rivers and lakes of the legendary African territories: the 65 metre bridge of Africa over the great lake, and two more in the Bird Canyon, with incredible views of the territory of the Iberian lynx and the treetops where different species nest.

Remember that, due to operational reasons, the viewpoints of the Lake Reserve and the Central Village close one hour earlier than the rest of Selwo Aventura, while the Nature Gateway can be visited until the park closes. Selwo Aventura reserves the right to modify or suspend its opening hours and certain services or activities due to weather or operational reasons. If you need more information to plan your visit, please contact us on 952 577 773.