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Activities and Demonstrations timetable

Enjoy the new programme of Activities and Exhibitions with propositions such as Meet the... lions, elephants or lemurs and be amazed by the spectacular Birds Exhibition.

High zone of Selwo Aventura closes one hour before closing the park.


To follow we indicate the timetables for all activities, from 22nd of April:




ACTIVITIES / DEMONSTRATIONS Map. Loc.  From Monday to Friday Weekends and holidays
Meet the Cheetahs 1 10:45h 10:45h
Meet the Lemurs 20 11:15h 11:15h
Meet the Lions 27 11:50h 11:50h
* Birds Exhibition S1 12:30h 12:30h
Meet the Giraffes 30 13:10h 13:10h
Impact of invasive species S2 13:40h 13:40h
Meet the Snakes S2 14:00h 14:00h
Photo with Snakes S2 14:30h 14:30h
* Birds Exhibition S1 ----- 15:20h
Meet the Elephants 24 15:45h 15:45h
Conservation of the Iberian Lynx 21 16:20h 16:20h
Meet the Cassowary 18 ----- 16:50h
Meet the Hyenas 17 17:00h 17:30h
Meet the Red Panda 8 17:20h 18:00h
* Photo with birds after the Exhibition





 SPECIAL PROGRAMMES Map Loc. From Monday to Friday Weekends and holidays
Obama VIP Visit   Prior Booking* Prior Booking*

Safari Serengueti

Prior Booking*


12:00h / 13:00h / 14:00h

15:45h / 16:30h

12:00h / 12:30h / 13:00h

13:30h / 14:00h / 15:15h

15:50h / 16:15h / 16:45h

17:15h / 17:45h

Picture with lemurs T1 From 16:40h to 17:10h From 16:40h to 17:10h
Zip-Line A3 From 13:00h to 17:30h From 11:00h to 18:30h
Jumping A2 From 13:00h to 17:45h From 12:00h to 18:45h
Archery A1 From 13:00h to 17:45h From 12:00h to 18:45h


*Before acquiring the activity is ESSENTIAL to book in advance on 951 560 324 or selwo@selwo.es to ensure the place. Buying the activity does not include tickets to the park.

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