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The Obama VIP Visit is the Selwo Aventura's proposal for those visitors who want to take an exclusive tour and live a unique and unforgettable day. Designed for especially small groups, it is a VIP Visit guided at all times by expert monitors.

The Obama VIP Visit offers a tour with all the details through different routes of Selwo Aventura during which you are closer than ever to some of the most emblematic species of the park. It takes its name from the tour of similar characteristics that the family of the president of the United States took on their visit to Selwo Aventura in August 2010 during their stay on the Costa del Sol.

The Obama VIP Tour combines a walking tour and a vehicle exclusive to this activity in which the participant enters areas of the park with restricted access to which the rest of the visitors do not have access, moving around in a vehicle exclusive to this tour which will guide them through the different territories of the park always accompanied by an expert monitor who offers a detailed explanation of the species of the park that they are getting to know and the work that the team of caretakers and veterinarians of Selwo Aventura do for their conservation.

The tickets for the VIP Visit can be bought in our website, but before acquiring the activity it is necessary to book in advance on 952 577 773 to ensure the place. Buying the VIP Visit does not include the entrance to Selwo Aventura, which is essential for the activity.